Friday, November 24, 2006

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

TER vs. Craigslist

Have you noticed the constant negativity about CL on the TER discussion boards? TER moderators and posters are constantly bashing Craigslist, but guess what? They are constantly talking about it too. I think the main reason for this is CL is both a direct and indirect competitor of Theeroticreview. Unlike TER and its corrupt moderators who only allow posts glorifying TER and only allow an escort review that fits their agenda, CL has no moderators. You can find raw escort reviews and info on ripoffs and law enforcement traps everyday on CL.

I don't care what you say, CL is king of "underground" erotic services. Unlike old, worn out, expensive, mainstream advertising sites like Eros and Cityvibe (to name just two) you can always find something new and interesting on CL. The TER drones cry that CL is full of crackheads and ripoffs because its a free site, but the fact is there are just as many crackheads and ripoffs on Eros and Cityvibe. You'll never find a non-pro college girl or low-key independent on Eros or TER but you can always find one on CL if you don't mind reading thru 500 posts.

Oh, and what about Craiglists guys Men who shop for erotic services on CL are just as good as men who shop elsewhere. Don't fool yourself, there are plenty of wealthy/professional dudes who don't mind sifting thru all the CL posts to find a gem. Many of the guys who shop CL represent the younger generation. Eros and TER represent the older generation and old thinking.

Anyway you cut it, TER hates free speech and competition, and thats what CL is all about. TER and Eros are slowly dying.,, newer sites, blogs and smaller boards are the future.

The TER white list (puleeeeeeeze)

"If you have a good reputation with the ladies, encourage them to visit the TER White List and submit a referral for you. The TER White List is an easy way for providers to give positive references about members they have seen."

That is some funny shit. Providers who have reviews on TER can make postitve recommendations on the TER guys who posted good reviews about tem. Are you kidding me?

First off, men who troll comprise probably less than 2% of the men who frequent providers and these men are often some of the bitchiest, heavy handed johns out there. Next, TER suggests that they solicit the providers they review for a positive reference- to be put on the white list.

Instead of allowing any negative references on TER johns, which would be a true service to the providers who make "the hobby" possible, they want positve only ones. And to top it off, the white list is a VIP feature, so a provider has to pay to view the white list. What a total waste of time. More TER bullshit as usual.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

TER Hobbyist = Bad customer

Most providers will tell you that a 'TER guy' is usually the worst kind of customer. There are several reasons for this:

1. Many TER guys feel they deserve special treatment because of their power and influence when it comes to posting on the discussion board or writing reviews. If you don't perform up to their standards, or refuse to perform specific acts, they may even threaten you on the spot with a bad review.

2. Many TER guys are indecisive, uncertain individuals who depend on other peoples opinions and reviews.

3. Most TER guys tend to have high or unreasonable expectations because of what they've read from other TER guys.

TER reviews are primarily based on performance (does she take it in the ass or suck your dick without a condom?) and appearance (are her tits droopy or perky?). You, as a provider, are dehumanized. TER hobbyists, feeding on these reviews, see you as less than human. They are looking for 5-star blowjobs and model looks, rather than a human being with a personality. Instead of respecting your limits and preferences, they expect you to give them what it says you provided someone else in you last review.

I'm not going to say that all guys who frequent TER are bad guys. However, there is a higher percentage of nitpickers, whiners and creeps among TER guys than with customers who don't read TER. If you are a provider looking to develop good regular clients, don't expect to find them among review-crazed TER guys. They just want to read and write about the next girl and the next girl and the next girl.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

TER moderators are sockpuppet masters

Sockpuppeting defined:

Make no mistake! TER moderators and many TER posters use multiple accounts and multiple personalities to turbo post and tilt conversations in the direction they want. Most TER 'moderators' are not really moderators! They act as full time posters who constantly impersonate regular posters in order to a) make the discussion boards seem busy b) say things that they could not say as moderator. For example, how many times have you seen a post on TER that bascially says "Wow, thank God for TER. If I didn't see that bad review yesterday, I might have wasted $300 on the bitch". Posts like that make TER seem legit and useful, but guess what? It was probably written by the one of the moderators sockpuppets. Guess what else? The bad review was probably written by the moderator becuase the provider would not give him free sex in return for a good review!

Take for example "SmellySmegma". This fucking loser 'moderator' had his shit hacked and was exposed to have over 700 usernames!

The bullshit is so deep on the TER discussion boards, you need a spaceship to stay above it!Whenever you see a posts on TER that seems self supportive or too 'useful' to be true, it was probably written by the moderator under one of his sockpuppet accounts.

How TER fucks agencies

If you see an agency posting weekly ads on a local TER discussion board, chances are either 1) they are paying the moderator cash or favors for the right to post and/or to keep bad comments away, 2) they are an average to below average service panning for business, or 3) they are working with dirty TER posters to steal girls away from other services.

One way or another, agencies that advertise on TER discussion boards pay a certain price to do so. I know someone who runs a very legit escort service found this out the hard way. Several TER posters (who were protected by the moderator) recruited most of his ladies away from him to work for another service. The dirty service then paid the dirty TER posters back with free sex. The moderator knew this was happening but he would not allow anyone to talk about it. From what I heard, the recruiting technique is pretty agressive. The dirty TER posters would actually pay for appointments with the girls and then threaten them face to face ("come work for my friend's agency or we will ruin you with bad reviews and calls to the police").

So if you are an agency and considering posting on the TER discussion boards, think twice. Your girls will probably get stolen by other agencies that cooperate with scumbag moderators and scumbag posters. Also, posting weekly ads on TER makes you look sort of desperate. Good ads on regular websites/newspapers are all you need. Catering to the TER crowd may seem to make sense, but they will tax you one way or the other.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Big Lie

How many times have you heard a moderator claim he has no control over reviews? That's The Big Lie. A girlfriend of mine was being pressured into working for agency that everyone know got special treatment from the moderator. The agency owner and some of the 'senior posters' were strongly suggesting that she take the offer. When she refused, POOF! She was banned from posting her once a week ads on the discussion board AND her reviews disappeared! We are talking about a perfectly honest girl with mostly good reviews, banned and delisted because she did not want to bend over and take it in the ass. To this day, you never see anything negative posted on the discussion board about the agency. I know for a fact that the agency owner let one of her girls sit in jail overnight after she sent her a client that was a cop. When I tried to post the truth about this, I too was banned. The moral of the story is: Moderators are in full control of reviews, they may not approve each individual review but they can delete reviews or get someone's reviews delisted at the drop of a hat.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

TERsucks logo

I simply can't stand the scumbags at TER. Expect to see the TER SUCKS banner all over the internet! sucks ass!

This blog is dedicated to exposing the scum and villany on TER, the internet's worst escort review website.